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missing-link The Missing Link® Super Supplement, is formulated with the highest quality, all-natural whole foods, "super foods" and herbs carefully chosen for their nutrient profile and synergistic effects.

The blend is cold processed and packaged by proprietary manufacturing methods to protect the sensitive ingredients from deteri...oration caused by heat, light, and oxygen.

The formula is rich in flaxseed, the richest vegetable source of Omega-3, providing 1000 mg per tablespoon, plus lignans, protein, and fibre.

In addition, the formula delivers "living molecules" naturally occurring in whole foods, and often "missing" from our diets, such as enzymes, friendly bacteria, and phyto-chemicals.

All Natural! No Wheat Gluten, No Preservatives And G.M.O. Free!
The Missing Link® an innovative approach to complete nutrition!


Chia is.....

- Nature's Complete Superfood.
- the highest plant based source of Omega 3, dietary fibre and protein.
- a great tasting seed that is easy to include in the daily diet for improved health.
- Chia seeds were used as early as 3500 BC and were one of the main dietary components
  of the Aztecs and the Mayans.

Chia is a fantastic way to enhance your daily diet with a bonus nutritious boost. Chia has a pleasant mild nutty taste and can be added to any food or beverage without altering the original flavour.

We recommand a daily serve of 15 grams which is the equivalent of 1 level tablespoon.

Chia can be sprinkled over salads, cereals and muesli or incorporated into breads, muffins, slices, cookies or porridge.

Why not try Chia as a gel? When mixed with water (ratio - 1 tablespoon of Chia to 1 cup of water), Chia seed forms a unique nourishing gel that can be added to smoothies, juices, breakfast shakes, herbal teas, yogurts, soups, salad dressing or sauces.

Acai berry
Acai berry powder
There are a number of health benefits of the Acai berry which result in the Acai berry being listed as a Superfood, this term, generally reserved for the best that nature has to offer is not given lightly.

The proven health benefits of the Acai berry stem from the Amazon palm tree in which is it harvested.
This pristine location, within the rainforests of Brazil is home to a number of plants that produce high antioxidant fruits.

The taste, unlike many healthy food alternatives is surprisingly delicious, with hints of chocolate and berries.

The Acai berry releases a number of potent antioxidants and essential fatty acids and aminoacids which are the building blocks to a healthy system.

Key health benefits are realised due to Acai being one of the best sources of antioxidants.

Acai has more protein than an egg and over 16 antioxidants and phytonutrients, while containing vast amounts of fiber and vitamins which reduces appetite during the day.

Including Acai berry into smoothies and drinks increases your daily intake of antioxidants and free radicals which aim to keep your body working at its best. The juices have a great taste which has hints of dark chocolate and smooth berries.

If you are looking to boost your Vitamin intake, without pills putting Acai into your smoothies and drinks will go down a treat, leaving you feeling vitalized and strengthened.

 Boardrock BoardRock

The Boardrock is a versatile tool, its applications range from balance and fitness exercises to practicing really tough boarding tricks.
The deck is made from rock solid 7 layer maple wood and measures 8 wide by 31 long.
The polyurethane spheres (like skateboard trucks) offer a unique challenge and are affixed to the board with flexible rubber mounts, which creates an even more dynamic skateboard-like movement. The overall weight of the board is 4.75 lbs. - the same as an average skateboard.

Who is it for? Skateboarders, snowboarders, surfers, wake-boarders, or anyone else who wants better balance and spinning skills.

The Boardrock is a fundamental tool used by both rehabilitation specialists and fitness professionals from around the world to help their clients and patients develop functional balance. No matter what your sport of choice is, or what your level of fitness, you will find an endless array of new challenges on your Boardrock, so that you too can FUNctionalize your exercise!

Bongo Board Bongo Board

It's Fast. It's Fun. It's Back! Do You Bongo?

Improve balance, coordination, stability and strength with the hottest balance training device on the market, the Bongo Board!

The Bongo Board is a maple plywood board with a polypropylene undercarriage. It has a urethane roller with polypropylene center and a rubber and nylon bungee cord. Double ball bearing wheel system causes two halves to rotate independently. Tapered roller ends allow toe-heel movement and rotation. Safety retaining cord promotes safety and easy transport.

A moderate to high level of balance and fitness is recommended.

Hop on a Bongo Board today to:

- Develop skills essential to almost all sports.
- Tone the muscles used to maintain balance and stability.
- Learn proper distribution of body weight to achieve constant equilibrium.
- Experience a great fitness workout!

The Bongo Board's patented design includes a skate style deck, independently rotating barrel roller, and an elastic retention cord.
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