Pregnancy Pilatespregnancy pilates

Pilates is a beneficial form of exercise for expectant mother's.

Key Benefits include:-

- Fitness Maintenance:  our prenatal programming is designed to maintain a level of physical fitness during pregnancy,  Focus is put on maintaining physical strength, a key component to maintain proper alignment and reduction of pain.  

- Enhance Post-Partum Recovery: Programming is designed to give attention to the transverse abdominis and pelvic floor.  Primary muscles that make up the support system of the front and bottom of the inner-core unit.  As the baby develops the pressure affects these muscles.  With the program's emphasis on transverse and pelvic floor engagement, mothers can regain control of these muscle groups after birth. The result is a slimmer, stronger body, ready to resume life and take on the demands of motherhood.

- Reduce back pain associated with pregnancy:  One of the major focuses is to train the mother to prevent some of the problematic physical challenges of pregnancy.  Often, the shifting of the pelvis can create a tightening of the lumbar back muscles and stretching and weakening of the abdominal muscles.  This can create mild to strong back pain.  Alleviating this common discomfort, we train clients in contracting appropriate muscles, creating improved posture and relieving back pain.

Pilates and Spin-Lates® classes on the Sunshine Coast, specialising in increasing core strength, longer leaner muscles, fitness, flexibility, activating correct muscular skeletal patterning, sports enhancement and reducing back pain. Pilates is great for weight loss and our Pregnancy Pilates sessions are highly beneficial for mums to be.