PAS Studios are proud to offer a unique and exciting format for you to gain the benefits of both Spin Bike (Cardio) exercise along with Pilates on light equipment.

Spin-Lates® is held in both private and group sessions.

You will experience programming to suit your requirements of which you will reap the rewards of increasing your cardiovasular fitness as well as the core, balance, strength, stretching and postural improvements.

Spin-Lates® sessions will include the use of the newest and ergononically designed spin bikes and Pilates light equipment for a balanced, enjoyable and challenging work out every time

Pilates and Spin-Lates® classes on the Sunshine Coast, specialising in increasing core strength, longer leaner muscles, fitness, flexibility, activating correct muscular skeletal patterning, sports enhancement and reducing back pain. Pilates is great for weight loss and our Pregnancy Pilates sessions are highly beneficial for mums to be.